Making a difference to learners, graduates, businesses and Higher Education institutions across the UK.


Mission Statement

Our mission is to make careers education easily accessible to all students and graduates globally.


To create career opportunities for graduates through our careers education programmes

Who we are

We are an Independent careers education provider with a head office based in Birmingham United Kingdom, with overseas centres in Mauritius, Malaysia, Ghana, Nigeria, and India. Our company works in close partnership with educational institutions and employers to create and develop career opportunities for those in higher education and boost business growth.

Our Core Values
Our student’s needs come first
We emphasize on listening and results
Staff skills and knowledge is fundamental in our work
Honesty and transparency are part of our culture
We value ideas, views, and feedback of everyone we work with
We focus on teamwork and collaboration to develop better solutions
Maintaining student satisfaction about 95% at all times
Hi, I'm San Kaur

I have always believed in higher education, the opportunity for a young person to begin developing their career for a brighter future. Hence I’ve always argued that higher education should be classed as a major investment and not just another stage in ones learning, Just like any investment, you expect a return with interest, therefore I believe higher education must be structured and delivered in a way that will ensure any young person who invests their time and money in acquiring knowledge at that level achieve their expected outcome.

As a university graduate, I was let down by the higher education system, which offers nothing more than a piece of paper at the end of 3 years of hard work. So many graduates around the world have been let down in this way and the problem seems to be getting worse. We are now facing the reality that there may no longer be any value in higher education.

Your Future First

The career you end up in will play a huge role in your future, hence we help you plan and develop your career.

Careers Education Leader

We are not just a careers education provider; we are a leader in developing career education solutions.

Result Focused

We don’t stop working until we have achieved the desired results, and that result is your future career.

Know-How Culture

Consistently enhancing our knowledge of the education and employment sector to ensure our accuracy in our delivery.


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