BA (Hons) Business Administration

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Course Description


This online course is ideal if you want a degree that can lead to a wide range of business careers. It
closely follows our traditional business administration degree but gives you the flexibility to learn from wherever you’re based and fit studying around other commitments. During the course, you’ll learn principles of accounting, economics and marketing as well as other relevant business modules that prepare you for a career in business and management.


The Qualifications have developed the learner’s ability to:
• Gain a thorough understanding of business and management practices at local, national and international levels.
• Preparation for a career in business and management.
• Develop your practical transferable skills within a global context.
• Learn principles of accounting, economics and marketing as well as other relevant business modules that prepare you for a career in business and management.

Course Information

Course code: BUS6074
Course type: Advanced
Course fee: £23,000 per year
Course duration: 3 years
Course delivery: Campus and work placement
Location: Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Entry Requirement 

The qualification can be offered to Learners from age 18. The Learners need to ensure that they have
sufficient capability at the right level to undertake the learning and assessment.

English language requirements
The Qualifications have been designed to be accessible without artificial barriers that
restrict access and progression:
• IELTS minimum 5.0- 6.5 overall with no fail.
• Minimum 3A Levels or equivalent qualification.
• Pass 5 GCSE subjects

We consider applicants:
• Who have demonstrated some ability and possess Qualifications at Level 3, for example ‘A’ Levels or vocational awards.
• Who have spent some time in an organisational role and wish to develop their careers further.
• With professional experience looking to change careers through work-based learning.

Course Contents

Economics for Business
This module aims to enable students to understand the economic context of modern business by introducing and developing an appreciation of the utility of economic approaches in studying the business environment. The basic tools and approaches which economists use, demand and supply and industry analysis (among others) will be introduced and applied to help understand the economic issues involved and the public policy which can be derived.

• Principles of Marketing
This initial marketing module, which assumes no prior knowledge of marketing, aims to introduce students to some of the key ideas of marketing and is suitable for both marketing and non-marketing students. It examines the environment within which organisations operate and the role of marketing within the organisation so that students can understand the context within which marketing personnel work and the different activities which are carried out under the umbrella term of ‘marketing’.

• Quantitative Methods for Business and Management
This module introduces the student to a number of essential mathematical and statistical techniques that are extensively used in business and management. Particular attention will be paid to the circumstances in which the methods considered should be employed. The following quantitative methods will be included on this module: equations and graphs, measures of location and dispersion; indices; probability and normal distribution; basic optimisation; critical path analysis; correlation and simple linear regression; time series forecasting.

• Global Perspectives in Business
Globalisation of business is creating a substantial increase in intercultural contact, which is reflected in the skills set of managers operating in a globalised world. Managers need to develop sensitivity to and a critical understanding of issues arising out of cultural difference and be equipped to manage and operate in diverse environments. The module will explore themes of (a) concepts of culture, (b)cultural differences and (c) globalisation.

• People and Organisations
This module aims to provide students with an introduction to the key concepts in human resource management and behaviour in contemporary organisations. It will consider the micro context of human resource management, performance and development, equality and diversity and international human resource management, predominantly taking an organisational perspective but drawing on other disciplinary approaches where applicable.

• Accounting for Managers
The module provides an introduction to accounting from the manager’s viewpoint. Areas covered include the collection and reporting of accounting information to both internal and external users, as well as the use and interpretation of publicity available accounting information. The role of accounting in supporting the management functions of planning,control and decision-making is also covered.

Work-based learning Opportunities:

Below are examples of potential career opportunities you could explore:
• Trainee Actuarial Analyst
• Trainee Business Adviser
• Trainee Business Development Manager
• Trainee Chartered Management Accountant
• Trainee Data Analyst

Learners completing this course can progress to:
• Level 7 Master in Business Administration


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