Working With Young People

We work with a network of experienced career development experts to deliver tailored career guidance and planning support to young people aged 12-18. Careers education allows young people to make informed decisions about what career options are available to them.

Higher education institutions, school leaders, and education departments, increasingly recognise that in order for young people to maximise their potential, in a complex and constantly changing world, we need to take the necessary steps to change the way careers education is delivered.

Through our expertise and extensive research, we have established that career education must be introduced in the form of career guidance from age 12 or year 7/8. As educators, we have a responsibility to ensure young people have easy access to quality and tailored careers education.

The Gatsby Benchmarks highlighted key issues within careers guidance in schools, many schools across the UK are implementing changes and improvements by the end of 2020.

We are here to support schools and youth organisations to meet their career education obligations through our CAREERPLAN programme. Future Careers has also made it possible for parents/guardians to invest directly in tailored careers education for their teenagers.

I am a Parent/Guardian


Careers education for 12 – 18year olds, with the main focus on career guidance, planning, and development.

What is Included?

Your child will be allocated a career development officer who will deliver 6 guidance and planning sessions over the academic year, via video call. In addition to this, Future Careers will arrange work experience for your child to help them choose and develop their career.

How long are the sessions?

All sessions last 30 – 45 minutes depending on the needs of your child at the time..

Can I participate in the sessions?

We strongly recommend that Parents/Guardians participate in all sessions as this will give you an insight into your child’s interest, strengths, values, personality preferences and career aspirations. Being well informed will enable you to provide your child with the necessary support they need to achieve their career goals.

How much does it cost?

CAREERPLAN attracts an annual subscription fee of £150 which is can be paid in 6 equal installments of £25 per month.

When can I book the first session?

You can book their first session through their profile on or by emailing exactly 2 weeks after subscription. You will receive a welcome email from their allocated careers development office.

I am an Education Provider


Tailored careers education for Year 8 – 13 designed inline with the Gatsby Benchmarks, to help schools meet their careers service obligation.

What is Included?

  • Group sessions for year 8, 9, 10, and 12 (If required)
  • 1-2-1 online video calls with Level 6 &7 qualified careers development officers
  • Work experience placement support for year 10+

* Our services are tailored to each school, college, and youth organisations requirements.

How long are the sessions?

  • Group sessions are 45 minutes – 1hour
  • 1-2-1 sessions are 30 minutes

How many learners in a group session?

Maximum of 15 with social distancing measures in place


Can Parents/Guardians participate in the video sessions?

We strongly recommend that Parents/Guardians participate in all sessions to give them an insight into their child’s interests, strengths, values, personality preferences, and career aspirations. Being well informed will enable parents to provide for their children with the necessary support they need to achieve their career goals. It is also part of our safeguarding policy

How are the sessions delivered?

  • Our 1-2-1 sessions are delivered online, via zoom and are recorded and uploaded to learners’ profile on
  • Group sessions are held in a classroom setting once every week for up to 6 groups

Please download a copy of HOW TO CHOOSE A CAREER PATH lesson plan used for group sessions

How much does CAREERPLAN cost?

We have various packages available to suit your organisation’s needs. For further enquires please contact

Do you work with academies?

Yes, we welcome academies and have packages to suit your requirements

How do you comply with government set guidelines?

Future Careers are committed to keeping young people and their data safe. Therefore, we have Safeguarding, GDPR, Child protection, policies in place. Also, our Careers Development Officers are thoroughly DBS Checked.

How soon after subscribing can we access your services?

You can expect access to full services within 14 working days.

Request a callback

And you will be contacted by one of our career development officers for a free consultation.