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Working With Young People

A career guidance and planning solution developed for 12-18 year olds, with the aim of making Information, Advice and Guidance easily accessible.

What makes Careerplan unique is the use of modern technology combined with Level 7 qualified Career advisors to make the delivery more effective and reliable.

We all have a responsibility to ensure that the future of our young generation is not left to chance, hence Careerplan has been designed to be affordable for all.

Career guidance and planning for young people

Why Choose Future Careers

At Future Careers, we go beyond minimum standards to provide outstanding service to our clients.

Our careers advisors are level 7 qualified and highly experienced industry led professionals.

Careerplan costing just £150.00 per year gives every parent and guardian the opportunity to take control of their child’s career guidance and planning which has been lacking in most UK schools for the last decade.

Using modern technology to deliver Careerplan via video conference means parents can be present and able contribute to their child’s guidance sessions from any media device.

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